Reiterating the Necessity for Regular Playground Inspections

In yet another case of complacency and oversight when it comes to playground inspections, five-year old Jaeger Verryt had the misfortune of losing a pinky toe when it got caught in a gap of a wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round. As the equipment rotated, the toe was severely pulled off his foot.

The accident happened at the Geraldton foreshore on August 12, 2023, while the toddler was visiting with his family.

Jaeger's mother, Ebony Verryt, who is a St John WA volunteer, along with a paramedic family friend, promptly administered first aid to stop the bleeding and rush him to the emergency department.

While Verryt said she does not blame the council and does not want playgrounds torn down, the accident highlights – once again – the importance of playground inspections in Australia.

Regular and thorough inspections ensure that play equipment is safe and meets the required standards. Such checks can identify potential hazards or wear and tear that could cause accidents, allowing for timely repairs or replacements. Given the risks posed by faulty playground equipment, as highlighted by the tragic incident in Geraldton, it's crucial for local authorities and playground operators in Australia to prioritize routine inspections to ensure children's safety.

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