Get your playground premises certified. Playinspect provides comprehensive playground testing, inspection and certification services.

The team has provided playground certification services in the region for more than a decade. We work with passion, and you will see this passion shine through as you go through the certification process with us.

Our UTS-trained team takes zero shortcuts when we work with you towards certification. And this is what you want: no stones unturned, no risks and potential problems undetected. When you get certified by us, you earn the certification, and can rest assured that you truly have a safe space for child’s play.

Talk to us today about your certification requirements. Our team will work with you towards your playground’s compliance to regulation and safety requirements. We bring in our experience and passion for safe and secure playgrounds. Get in touch with is today and let us get started and get to work!

We can also help you with:

  1. Equipment Certification
    • Certify Bespoke playground items.
    • Certify imported products for compliance with Australian Standards.
    • Certify new or old equipment for compliance with the latest Standards.
    • Certify Undersurfacing for impact attenuation compliance.
  2. Playground Certification
    • Certification of existing playgrounds
    • Certification of construction plans.
    • Certification of fabrication plans for new equipment.
    • Certification of under surfacing for compliance.
    • Certification of child care centre playgrounds for opening permits.
For Playground & Equipment Certification please leave your details and we will get in touch with you.

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Advantages of Playground Certification

Playground certification is the process of complying with playground regulatory and safety standards in Australia. Doing so awards you with official recognition and playground certification. These are some of the advantages of playground certification:

Compliance with safety standards: Playground certification guarantees your users that you have met the safety standards and regulations set by Australian Standards AS 4685:2014. This ensures the safety of playground users. It is also a way to protect yourself against legal liability in case of accidents.

Increase user confidence: With certification, you give parents and other concerned parties the assurance that your playground is safe and well-maintained. This can increase user confidence and encourage more frequent use of the playground.

Professional evaluation: To qualify for certification, a professional evaluator does a comprehensive assessment of your property. This evaluation can help you identify potential safety hazards and act ahead, before any accidents occur. The evaluator will provide you with recommendations for improvement.

Improve reputation: Certification is a way to show the community that you are committed to the safety and enjoyment of children. This, in turn, can result in increased trust and improved reputation.

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