Playinspect work at the front end of the projects in the design phase to ensure your finished product is complaint with all the current playground standards.

If you have a high end project on the line that will be a benchmark for your company, don’t leave it to chance, ensure you use UTS trained consultants with expert industry knowledge in the playground design field.

The team has provided playground certification services nationally for more than a decade. We work with passion, and you will see this passion shine through as you go from the design consultation to the certification process with us.

We can help you with:

  • Design Consultation for compliance.
  • Review draft and construction plans.
  • Provide certificates of design compliance.
  • Review equipment manufacturing plans.
  • Review equipment documentation.
  • Consultation on materials and construction techniques allowable in the industry.
  • Expert advice on any playground safety concerns raised.
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Playinspect team consulting with clients
Jack Semper

Jack Semper

Project Maneger
Ann Smith

Ann Smith

Philip Wilson

Philip Wilson

Amanda Rich

Amanda Rich

Interior Designer

Advantages of Partnering with PlayInspect’s Playground Design Consultants

PlayInspect is a trusted team of playground experts in NSW, Australia. As your partner, you can enjoy these advantages:

Expertise: The PlayInspect playground design consultants have the expertise you need in designing and building safe, age-appropriate and fun playgrounds. We make sure your playground project complies with the latest safety standards and regulations, and exceed expectations when it comes to giving your clients the playground fun they look forward to.

Access to our resources: We have existing relationships with the country’s leading playground manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors. You can take advantage of this to get the best deals on top quality equipment and materials.

Customisation: We work with you to create custom playground designs that fit your vision, need and budget. PlayInspect will help you source the best equipment and materials to make this a reality.

Safety: Our team of experts is trained in safety standards and regulations. We guarantee that you comply with these, and even exceed expectations.

Cost-effectiveness solution: When you work with us, you avoid delays and mistakes that can cost you in the long run.

The PlayInspect team will help you make the most of your budget to realise your vision. Call us today to know more.